Jacobs ladders and other stuff
This is our new big Jacobs ladder I built after seeing the massive ladder built by Bill Wysock for an electronics store. 
The electrodes are 3/4" copper pipe and are just short of 4 feet long. We have used the ladder to test out the ballast for our pole pig - click on the video on the right to hear and see our big ladder.
Over the years I have built Jacobs ladders for a few freinds, these have all been powered by OBIT`s (7.5Kv @18mA), in most cases I have used 3 OBITs to give more current, after seeing a Jacobs ladder built by Mike Harrison I thought I`d give it a go, it`s a normal Jacobs ladder but with the added magic ingredent of Hair spray - DONT DO THIS AT HOME.
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