Wiring diagrams
Below are a few simple wiring layouts for Tesla coils.
In the above diagram it may be seen that the main spark gap and the main cap can be swapped round but it has been found that by placing the main gap across the transformer it affords more protection to the transformer. To add an other level of protection to the transformer you can add a proper grounded safety gap across the transformer and for extra protection a safety gap can be added across the main primary capacitor.
The circuit to the right uses two high voltage capacitors, one across each leg of the primary tank circuit. This circuit is called the "Tesla equa-drive". When Tesla built many of his coils he liked to see a symmetry in all the coil components.
Next we move on to a HV DC supply, the main "tank" curicut remains the same but the system is driven by a high voltage DC supply, this requires some extra high voltage robust components, High voltage diodes, smoothing capacitors, RF choke.

The main component part of the DC supply system is the HV full bridge rectifier, this is made up of 4 HV diodes these are rated at 40KV at 2A, there is an extra HV diode added after the smoothing caps this is called the "de-Qing" diode, it stops AC wave form components travelling back in to the smoothing/filter caps and the full bridge rectifier, our filter caps are rated at 9.5KV DC so we have 3 in series for a total of 28.5KV DC. 
Below is the basic set up for a magnifier coil system, the primary and secondary are tight coupled and then connected to the extra coil (this is the resonator) with a long transmission line.
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