UK Tesla Coil Builders

Below is a list of Tesla coil builders in the UK.

If there is someone in your area that you didn't know about drop them a mail and get together. If you know anybody else who might like to be on this list please let them know and get them to mail me at EMAIL ADDRESS and I'll put them on the list. If any of the URLs or Email address don't work or you have changed them then please let me know. If there is any coil info missing from your profile drop me a post, or if there is no picture you can send me one(180w by 197h @ 72dpi).

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Mike Tucknott
Stanford in the Vale, Oxfordshire
BM3 coil
Secondary:- 9.25" by 46"
Powered by a 15kVA, 11.5kV pole pig
Max output 8 feet

Brian Le Page
Fleet, Hampshire
BM2 coil
Secondary:- 4.25" by 22"
Powered by a 15kVA pole transformer (pig)
Max output 67" with a pole pig


Steve Bell
Swindon, Wiltshire
Secondary:- 6" by 25.5" coil
Powered by a 10kV @ 100mA NST
0.03uF MMC, RQ style cooled 10 electrode gap
Max output 63" (seconds before it died!)


Alan Sharp
Burntisland, Fife
Secondary 9.25" by 46"
Power 3*8 Kv trans
0.19uf MMC type cap bank
Max output 10 feet


Nantwich, Crewe
Secondary is 4 X 23"
Cap is 33nF MMC type cap
Output presently 4 feet (inside)


Mike Harrison
Secondary 4" by 20"
Powered by


Steve Cook
Richmond, Surrey


Bob Golding
No site as yet
Secondary 4" by 22"
Powered by an 8.2kV 250mA radar transformer

Nick Slaymaker
Hitchin, Herts
Secondary:-10" by 50"
Powered by a 8.2kV @ 250mA radar transformer
Max spark length
Built in association with Bob Golding

Vivian Watts

Trowbridge, Wiltshire
No site as yet
Secondary 6" by 20"
Powered by a 5kV @ 100mA neon trans
Gap:-sync rotary

Alex Crow

North London
No site as yet

Nick Field

Reading, Berkshire

Steve Rodway

Secondary coil 4"
Powered by a 16kVA pole pig
Spark gap:- RQ static

Richie Burnett

Secondary: 4" x 21", Toroid: 4" x 22"
Power: 1800 watts, Capacitor: 70nF MMC
Spark gap: 200BPS sync rotary
Max output: 66 inches

Steve Crawshaw

No site as yet
secondary:- 4.25" by 22" close wound
Powered by an 25kV @ u/a mA
4.7nF MMC cap with a forced air RQ static gap
Toroid:-3" by 12" welded steel (very heavy)

Colin Dancer

Enfield, London

Chris Telford


Richard Barton

Corfe Mullen, Dorset
No site as yet
Secondary- 10" X 4"
Power supply- 3 12K/30 NSTs
Static gap

Chuck Hobson

Wimborne, Dorset
Secondary 250mm dia. & 1 metre long, 1000 turns
Powered by a 35 mA 8kV neon
Spark gap is 3/8" ball bearings silver soldered on to 5/16" brass bolts
Cap 0.037uF, Next on the list will be a 11kV 5kVA ple pig....

Dr. Duncan Cadd

Power supply 10kV @ 50mA OBIT
Spark gap is multi-plate quenched gap
Cap 6 x 28kV mica ex-British Admiralty

John Wood

No site as yet
Secondary coil 6"
Power supply 10kV @100mA NST
RQ type static gap
MMC style cap

Ian Jackson

Mold, North Wales
Secondary coil 6"
Power supply 10kV @ 50mA NST
Sync RSG

Dave Cook

Norwich, Norfolk'/
Secondary coil 4.5"
Power supply 2X30mA NST's
Gap RQ static with forced air
Cap MMC type

David Gamble

Huntingdon Cambridgeshire
Secondary 7" by 48"
Powered by Twin MOT
Asynchronous rotary gap at 400BPS
50nF 20kV MMC

Paul Benham

Southampton, Hants
No site as yet
Secondary 2.5"

Colin Heath

Frome, Somerset
Secondary 4" by 21"
twin mot supply with voltage doublers
400bps sync rotary
66nf MMC type max output 4' 3"

Khalid Schofield

North London
Resonator 14" by 60"
2 X 16kVA pole pigs
0-600 bps a-sync RSG
150nF multi-pulse cap bank

Nick Du Pré

Maidstone, Kent
Secondary: 5" by 24"
Power: 10KV at 100mA
Gap: Static Planar
Terminal: 12" dia. Aluminium Sphere

Derek Woodroffe

Stapleford, Nottinghamshire
Secondary 'a cotton reel' 3"-1.5" x 9"
Powered by 6kv 20ma NST

Adrian Fretwell

Newark, Nottinghamshire
Secondary - 1200 turns 4" Diameter
Powered by 10kV 60mA NST

Martin Dale

No Site as yet
Secondary 1200 turns of 0.5mm wire, tapered 5" by 21"
Powered by 8.25kV @ 0.25mA Radar transformer
Gap async 8 point RSG
Output so far 5' 6"

Dave Kearley
Secondary:- 110mm by 650mm
Powered by a 10KV 50mA NST
Max output - no idea yet

James Pawson

West Yorkshire
JP-SSTC1 Solid State Tesla Coil
Auto tuning using CCFL ballast control IC
Max spark length - unknown as yet

Ron Barnes

Watlington, Kings Lynn
No site as yet
Secondary 5" by 24.5" 1100 turns
Power Supply: 5 kVA, 11.5 kV pole ( pig ) transformer
Spark Gap: Static; made from 3 / 4 " dia copper tube, 8 gaps
Max spark lenght - 60" vigorous spark discharge

Wyvern Pearce

East Sussex
4" 817 turns on the secondary
10KV 25mA NST
Max spark output of 10"

Ray Lyford

Secondary 2.5 * 15.5 inches.950 Turns
Power supply: 3.5k Neon Transformer @ 30ma
Saltwater cap.17nf, Static Spark gap
Output so far 8" to 9"

Andy Brownson

Secondary 4" with 1000 turns
Powered by : Full bridge of IRFP460s
max output : 12 - 13"

Richard Morrow

Alsager, Cheshire
Powered by : Two 12V batteries, uses an adjustable static gap has special features
Max output 25cm

Tabraze Malik

Not quite a coil but what the hell


Phillip Strauss Stamford, Lincs
No Web site - yet
Secondary:- 6"
Powered by a 10kV 100mA NST
Cap 21kV MMC

Paul Rossiter

No Web site - yet
Secondary:- 4.25" by 22"
Powered by a 10KV 5mA NST
Max output - no idea yet

Jonathan Lewthwaite

Tiverton, Devon
No site as yet
Secondary coil - 4"
Power supply - 8kV @ 30mA NST
Static spark gap

Simon Hewitt

Worcester Park, Surrey
Secondary 4.5"
Power supply 10kV 50mA NST and 10kV 30mA NST
RQ static with air blast quench
Cap 1 x 0.022uF 20kV Maxwell

John Graley


Chris Swinson

Uttoxeter, Staffordshire
The site has moved

Gordon Forrest

North Shields, Newcastle
No site as yet
Power supply 2X NST

Chris Hill


Peter Morehead

Worthing, West Sussex
No site as yet


Jason Petrou North London
Cap MMC type


Theo Paradise
No site as yet

All coil pictures are copyright of the coil builder concerned. 19th June 2000