Tesla coil capacitor page
This is one of the most important components of the whole Tesla coil sysyem, it needs to be a very high voltage, we use a maximum voltage of 27KV pulse voltage and they also need to be able to charge and discharge at a very high rate, this might sound daunting but it`s not the case, you can build simple "Salt water caps", you can then step up to building your own plotproplene and foil caps and the MMC or "Multi mini cap" thses are made of many many small HV caps all wired together in series to give the voltage needed and then extra strings of caps are wired in parrelle to get the capacitance value you need, if you are flushed with money you might be able to fine a comercial made HV high rep rate capacitor companys like "Maxwell" or "Plastic-cap Inc"

Click on the images below to view the type of capacitors you want to know about.
     Salt water caps                    plate cap         Multy mini cap (MMC)        Commercial caps   
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