Series rotary spark gap
The series rotary spark gap is a rebuild of our old high speed variable rotary spark gap, it has 8 stationary electrodes and 8 flying elecrtodes, the gap gives 8 breaks per revolution of the disk, it was a concept taken from Richard Hull and used for great arc off time in his magnifyer coils.
Below are two pictures that show the current path every 1/8 rotation, as you can see every time a new flying electrode lines up with a stationary electrode the current direction changes, this help with stopping arc drag. 
The rotary gap has been totaly rebuilt apart from the motor with is still the 0-10,000 rpm from our old high speed gap, the disk is made from "Whale brand" tuffnol at 21mm thickness, all the stationary and flying electrode holders are made of brass these all sit atop of a sheet of G10 glass epoxy, the electrodes are 3.2mm Tungsten (The Thorium type - red tip)   
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