Transformers come in two basic types, current limited (Neon sign transformers and OBITS - Oil Burning Ignition Transformers) and non current limited (Distrubution transformers, MOT`s - Microwave oven transformers).
Below - are current limited transformers, and as the name surgests they will supply a constant maximum current no matter what the load, even a dead short abd the transformer will only supply its rated current, these are great for the first time builder as no extra components are needed to get them working (protection can be added to the transformers not not 100% nessessary)

Right now on to the "Big boy" transformers, the Non current limited type, we use a distribution transformer rated at 15KVA, extreme care must be taken with these as they are leathal and require extra controls in the form of resistive or inductive current limiting                                                                                       as you can see we use an inductive ballast to keep the "pole pig" under control, our 15KVA pig is pictures below left, the transformer on the right is a 50KV former Xray transformer that has been rebuilt by Brian.
Our pole pig has been rebuilt now to reduce its weight from 380lbs down to 250lbs click the picture below to go to the "Cut down pole pig page"
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