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Convetional 2 coil systems
BM1 the very first coil                      
BM2 coil                      
BM2 coil powered by our new (at the time) pole pig.                     
BM3 coil the first of the large coils - pig powered                     
BM3 coil at the Cambridge Teslathon - 2000                    
BM4 coil powered by our  pole pig this one did not last too long                     
BM5 another pole pig powred coil that lasted about 10 minutes.                     
BM6 coil our next big coil still a work in progress.                     
BM7 coil - 6" coil that works.                     
BM7 coil running in DC mode                      
BM7 coil running with our 400 bps sync rotary spark gap and new shape primary @ 90% power                      
BM7 coil running with our 200 breaks per second sync rotary spark gap and new shape primary.                      
3 coil Magnifier systems
BM1 coil - As the name suggests it was our first 3 coil system that worked.
BMM2 coil - More improvments
BMM3 coil - 
BMM4 coil - New driver, extra coil, getting there.
Horizontal 2 coil Bipolar systems
BMB1 - Bi-Pola Tesla coil
3D stereo pair photography
Sometyhing very different, 3D stereo pair images, view full screen and you will need to use the "cross eye" technique to get them to work - have fun
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